Safeture Support

Locate medical providers or accommodation providers nearby

What is a medical provider?

The term medical provider in the Safeture Platform refers to a hospital or doctor clinic.

What is an accommodation provider?

The term accommodation provider in the Safeture Platform refers to hotels certified by SafeHotels.

1. Click on the three dots in the bottom navigation bar

2. Click on providers at the bottom right corner

3. Click the filtering icon at the top right corner

In this view, you see a list of medical providers near your current location. You can zoom in or out on the map, influencing what providers are displayed in the list.

Click the icon at the top right corner to filter the search results.

4. Filter the medical information

From this view, you can choose to click “Show preferred”, which will sort out only the hospitals and doctor clinics that are preferred by your organization or assistance provider.

You can also set the distance from your current location to medical providers.

5. Click on a medical provider

Click on the medical provider whose information, phone number and directions you wish to see.