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Edit a country’s overall risk level

What is a country risk level?

Safeture assigns all countries an overall risk level, which is a weighted summary of the risk levels for all ten risk categories. A country can be given any of the following risk levels: negligible, low, medium, high and critical risk.

Click here to read more about Safeture’s risk assessment methodology and learn on what parameters the evaluations are being performed.

You can edit the overall risk level of a country in order to align them with any requirements you might have, such as your insurance policy.

1. Click on content and risk levels in the web portal menu

Click on risk levels to enter the risk level overview page with the risk levels of all countries listed in one place.

2. Click on the edit button

Find the country whose overall risk level you wish to edit and click on the edit button for that specific country.

3. Select a new risk level

Choose between negligible, low, medium, high, or critical risk for the country you are editing.

You can also add a description, i.e. any custom information relevant for end-users in relation to the new risk level. This text will be displayed along with the risk level for this country.

When you are done, click the green save button at the bottom-right corner.

How will the changes impact the system?

  • To end-users, the new risk level will be presented under the Safety tab in the section for country information of the Safeture application.
  • The new risk level will be used to determine what pre-trip alert emails that will be sent.
  • Also, a changed risk level will affect which countries are included in dashboard widgets presenting users traveling to or located in high-risk countries.
  • If you click on a country on the risk map in the Security Overview, you get information on the overall risk level, which also will display a new one if edited.

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