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Alarm about danger

1. Click on the emergency button

Click the emergency button located in the middle of the bottom navigation bar to navigate to the emergency tab of the Safeture app.

2. Notify the right people about an ongoing emergency

The emergency tab will look a bit different depending on your account set-up and if your organization has integrated an assistance provider to the Safeture Platform or not. Below you will see three different ways of how to alert different people about your emergency situation.

2a. Alarm Safeture administrators and assistance providers

At the top of this page, you will find an SOS button. Tap on it to enable emergency mode. The Safeture Platform will inform both the Safeture Administrators and your security/medical providers simultaneously (if integrated into the platform) about the emergency.

While in emergency mode, Safeture automatically informs your assistance provider of your current location for prompt assistance. 

Even if your mobile device does not have internet access, you can still share your position and initiate emergency mode. When you press the red SOS button, the system will automatically open your SMS dialog after the five-second countdown, and you can send your position to the Safeture platform, and the admin(s) will be alerted.

2b. Alarm assistance provider solely

When clicking the green button saying “call provider” you will get on a phone call with your organization’s assistance provider for support and guidance.

2c. Call local emergency number

In the emergency section, you will also have access to all local emergency numbers, which are automatically updated based on the country where you are located.

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