Policies Module

Overview In the web portal’s Policies Module, you can view and modify existing Insurance Policies, as well as upload new ones. The module is divided into “Manage” and “Bulk Import” sections. Manage Policies This section allows you to view and manage all the policies that you are currently handling. If you need to find a […]

Max Security integration

Overview MAX Security is a leading player in comprehensive security and risk management solutions. MAX Security gives insights with real-time information, tactical monitoring, and actionable recommendations. MAX Security methodology MAX Security’s methodology for assessing risk level is based on the combination of the type of event (threat), the likelihood for it to occur (probability) and […]

Riskline integration

Overview Riskline is one of the world’s leading travel risk intelligence companies, leveraging AI and professional analysts to process more than 100,000 data sources, providing accurate and timely risk assessments. In a world characterized by geopolitical uncertainty and potentially challenging and risky situations, updated, accurate data is required to act quickly. Riskline methodology Riskline uses […]

The logic for matching PNRs and Safeture users

An incoming Passenger name record (PNR) will either be linked to an existing user in the platform or to a new profile. Creating a new profile will use the existing name, email and phone number in the PNR. Matching PNRs to existing users can be done in three different ways: Default logic: Alternative logics:

Alert Risk Assessment Methodology

Overview All alerts published in the Safeture Platform are assigned a risk level: low, medium, or high. Alerts are also assigned one or more alert risk categories, depending on content provider. Note that the risk levels and risk categories used for the alert risk assessments, are different from the methodology used for the country risk […]

Country Risk Assessment Methodology

Country risk categories Each country has an assigned overall risk level. This risk level is weighted based on the risk levels of all country risk categories. The number of Country Risk Categories varies depending on your chosen Risk Intelligence provider. Click on your Risk Intelligence provider below to find more information about the Country Risk Categories that […]

Safeture Mobile Application

Overview The Safeture app is a tool designed to help people stay safe when working – remotely, at home or at the office, traveling, or in any similar situation. The mobile application sends alerts directly to your phone about nearby security incidents. It also allows you to initiate emergency mode, identify the nearest hospital, report […]

Travel statistics

Overview Travels is the name of the third analytics category, and it contains data about your organization’s travel patterns and the time spent abroad by the users. The travels category contains the following tabs: PNR Overview The first tab within the travels category is called PNR Overview and contains data on the number and location […]

Usage statistics

Overview The fourth analytics category is called Usage and contains data on the frequency and type of platform usage among users of both the Safeture Mobile Application and Web Portal. The usage category contains the following tabs: App Usage The App Usage tab contains data on what app content is the most relevant to users […]

Assistance statistics

Overview The second analytics category is called Assistance and contains information on the handling of emergencies and communication with users. The statistics and charts of this analytics category help you to analyze past emergencies in terms of amplitude but also the resolution time, emergency locations, etcetera. With this data, we hope to give you insights […]