This guide is written for Administrators.

Last updated: June 4, 2024

Client onboarding

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This guide explains what the onboarding process looks like for organization’s that are new to Safeture. The process consists of five simple steps, from preparation, to how you will be cared for after the onboarding is completed. 

Every organization using Safeture’s platform is unique, therefore every onboarding process is also special.

You will be given a quick and clear onboarding process, and a straightforward platform activation.

5 steps to get started with Safeture

Preparation & Introduction

We walk you through configuration- and setup possibilities, provide important material and inform you of the onboarding process and key milestones.

  • Safeture welcomes the Client and describes all steps in the onboarding process. The project group is established with the right participants. 
  • Walkthrough of configuration and setup possibilities. Key milestones are established.


From our experience, the project group normally involves the Security Manager, Travel Program Manager and/or HR-representatives.

System setup

Safeture configures the platform specific to your organization. Other integration stakeholders, such as TMC’s, are contacted to start the integration processes. Your selected admins can also begin to test the platform.

  • Initial configuration of the Safeture platform will be completed.  
  • By the invitation of the Client to share their data to Safeture, 3rd party integration stakeholders, such as TMC’s or HR systems, are contacted to start the integrations process.   
  • Single-sign-on and Mobile Device Management will be implemented.


Here the admins at the Clients have a key role to meet the desired outcome in the Clients organization. How and what should be communicated in the roll-out plan is designed along with your Client Development-responsible from Safeture. We also make sure TMC/GDS providers works as it should.


We tailor the solution to your needs and specifications. This involves preparing, testing, and implementing customizations and third-party integrations and finalizing a roll-out program.

  • Customizations, such as pre-trip email or Co-branding, are prepared, tested, and implemented.  

The Client Development Team has gathered the Client Data and made the adaptions needed. We will send it over to you for approval before implementation. 

  • 3rd Party integrations are prepared, tested, and implemented.  
  • Roll-out program is finalized. 


From our experience, it is good to aim for a “Go-live” date and set a strategy on how to handle the internal communication and roll-out program of the app.


Now, there will be training sessions for your admins, and if you desire, user-focused training. We will conduct a complete platform walkthrough and hand over supporting material. Together, we sign off the onboarding, and you go live with the Safeture platform!

  • Training sessions for administrators are conducted. A user-focused training is also provided if desired.
  • Supporting material and information, from both an administrator and user perspective, is provided.
  • Instructions on using Safeture Support is provided.
  • The onboarding is signed off, and the Client goes live with the Safeture platform. 


Training sessions are recorded and can be distributed in your organization.

Hyper Care​

After going live, we offer you three months of hypercare. During your roll-out period, you can have regular meetings for feedback and questions. After this, continuous meetings are scheduled based on your desire.

  • After the go-live date, Safeture provides a “hyper care” period of three months, during which the client can have regular meetings for information, feedback, and questions during their internal roll-out period.


This is the perfect time to implement your Duty of Care-program in your organization. Safeture has lots of material, from guides to videos to be shared.