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Safeture Updates June 2022

User Interface Improvements

To improve your user experience, we have made some changes to the user interface of the web portal.

The following sections of the platform are impacted: 

  • Invite and import users
  • Scheduled check-ins
  • Message traveling users
  • Custom alerts
  • Invite and import facilities

Partner Dashboard

Safeture’s Partner Dashboard provides you with a single view of the aggregated risk information of all your clients as an assistance provider.

Facility Clustering

To give a better user experience when displaying many facilities on the Security Overview, an option to cluster facility icons has been added.

Safeture Updates May 2022

Integration to CAP worldwide serviced apartments

An integration with CAP worldwide serviced apartments (apartment booking agency) is now available. Travel data from CAP WW is treated as hotel bookings.

Chat invitation translation options

Automatic translation of invitation messages for new chat requests has been added to the system. The language will be based on the user’s language setting in the app and requires machine translation options to be enabled.

Safeture Updates April 2022

Display of train bookings in the Safeture Mobile Application.

Added support for displaying train bookings in the app.

Location timestamp in email: "Personnel in incident region"

To provide administrators with more information about the user when an alert has been published near him/her, we have added a column called Last location report to the “Personnel in Incident Region” email.

This part of the email contains a timestamp of when the last known location report was received from the end user’s mobile application, together with the time zone.

Recently, we have begun a journey towards strengthening our risk intelligence, starting with our alerts. For this release, we have increased the number of risk categories, going from 10 to 21 categories.

Safeture Updates March 2022

Updated high-risk widgets in Dashboard

We have updated the widgets containing information on high-risk incidents and users/facilities potentially at risk. The new design gives a clearer overview and makes sure the dashboard is not flooded with too much information at once, for example during large-scale incidents with numerous published alerts at once.

Updated terminology in Web Portal

Some of the Web Portal’s terms have been changed to improve the consistency in terminology across the platform. Below you see some examples: 

“Personnel” has been changed to “User.”

“Incidents” has been changed to “Alerts.”

“Regions” has been changed to “Countries.”

Support for Train Bookings

The platform now supports train bookings in the system, increasing coverage of traveling users.

Safeture Updates February 2022

Enhanced Travel Data Module

Introducing a new interface for the Travel Data Module of the Web Portal and improved logic for integrating traveler data from PNR sources.

Midoco PNR Integration

Added support for PNRs integrated from Midoco in Germany.

Safeture Updates December 2021

Email of Risk Level Changes

Whenever a risk level changes in the Safeture system, either when Safeture default risk levels change or when an Administrator overrides a risk level, the system can send out notifications via email to different users. For travelers that has not yet started their trip, the pre-trip email is re-sent with additional information highlighting the risk level change.

Alerts send through email

You can now choose to have traveling users receive alerts via email. The email is triggered for any users – both end-users with the Safeture Mobile Application installed and traveling users added to the platform via a PNR (Passenger Name Record).

Automatic removal of traveler profiles

To keep your account up-to-date with only relevant travelers, Safeture now offers a way of cleaning up old traveler profiles that have been imported via PNR sources from the system. The deleted traveler profiles will no longer be used for matching PNRs. If a new travel booking is added to the system for the same traveler, a completely new profile will be created. The deleted traveler will also be removed from the “User list” in the User Management Module.

New icons for hotel and car hire

Now in the Portal under Travel Bookings, a hotel icon is displayed for Hotel and Car hire bookings. Also on the Security Overview the booking location is displayed as a Hotel Icon.

Web Portal Dark Mode

The Web Portal now supports Dark Mode. When clicking on your user name in the top-right corner of the Web Portal and selecting “settings” you find the switch to turn on Dark Mode.

Quick-add of a new facility

Administrators in Safeture’s Web Portal can now add a Facility by searching for the address.

New Messaging Module

Introducing a completely new Messaging Module that takes your mass communication to the next level

Risk Level Overview

Administrators in Safeture’s Admin Portal can now view and edit risk levels for all countries.

Safeture Updates October 2021

New, foldable menu to improve your user experience and simplify navigation.

Notification of changes in risk levels

We send updated risk levels to end-users and travelers traveling into a country where risk has changed
User Tags let you filter your employees and target your communication to the right group of employees in an instant.

Pre-trip notification enhancements

A new parameterized pre-trip email logic has been developed to handle increased requirements of sending pre-trip information to travelers based on certain conditions.

Enhanced GDPR compliance for clients

An additional email service that only provides services from the EU. Existing providers had services in the EU and US, to reduce the risk of possible unauthorised data transfer we can offer EU only email notifications.

Changed location of email subscriptions (Dashboard & Covid)

We have now moved the options to subscribe to the Daily Dashboard and Covid Exposure Tracker emails. They were previously located on the front page (dashboard). Now, both these options are to be found under the settings page.

Safeture Updates June 2021

Explore the improved usability of Safeture’s Enhanced Risk Map.

Safeture Updates May 2021

Added several options for platform generated email send-outs. Now you have the option to encrypt and digitally sign emails per account. We have moved email template handling and rendering to internal Safeture tools. Added options to select email providers routes, including direct SMTP and APIs. Added translation capabilities for all emails.
Added notification settings in the user settings page of the admin web portal to increase admin self-service. Settings can now be made for Personnel/Facilities in incident Region notifications, 2FA-send-outs, emergency button notifications, and various platform-generated email subscriptions.

Safeture Updates April 2021

Added notification settings in the user settings page of the admin web portal to increase admin self-service. Settings can now be made for Personnel/Facilities in incident Region notifications, 2FA-send-outs, emergency button notifications, and various platform-generated email subscriptions.

Home Region

Adding a new option to define the home region for each user to help decision-making on user traveling or in home country by filtering

Safeture SMS send-outs containing country information for travelers have been changed and now include a link to a PDF file containing all current country information, instead of a web page.

The Admin Portal now supports resolving high-risk incidents. Resolving an incident will remove it from high-risk widgets both for affected users and facilities, which allows administrators to focus on what is important.

Safeture Updates March 2021

Tutorials in Admin Portal

Added tutorial pop-ups to guide new administrators on the features of the platform to simplify onboarding.

Facilities in pollygon messaging tool

The Security Overview map now supports including facilities as message recipients in the polygon selection tool.

Phone registration updates

The app registration pages have been updated to clarify the phone number registration process

Safeture Updates Februrary 2021

Alert translation quick switch

App users can now in a simple way toggle auto-translated alerts via a switch to make sure the message is absolutely clear. The button is available on the alert details page and will only appear for users who have enable machine translation

Alerts to facility contacts

The system now supports sending alert notifications via email and SMS to Facility Contacts when an incident has occurred close to a Facility. Flexible configurations are available for both accounts and individual facilities.

Safeture Updates January 2021

App users can now in a simple way toggle auto-translated alerts via a switch to make sure the message is absolutely clear. The button is available on the alert details page and will only appear for users who have enable machine translation

Facility Admin

The Facility module now supports designated administrators which have access to one or more facilities instead of to all.
The co-branded version of the app now supports color schemes on top of the branded logo. Any client with this option can now define selected color elements making the app look and feel more aligned with internal design policies.

Itinerary info in Personnel in incident email

The “Personnel in the incident region” email now contains travelers who have upcoming travel bookings to the alert region. In addition, we now include the last known/next upcoming travel booking for each affected user to increase the visibility of traveler status.

Azure AD Synchronization

The platform now supports synchronization of user data from Microsoft Azure AD, which will help to keep data up to date.

Safeture Updates November 2020

Updated Alert Pages

Updated alert interface on web portal and app. The update contains among other things threat type icons, a unified user interface, and filters based on publication source.

Customizable Personal Info

An option to customize personal information fields for an account. Clients will be able to remove and add custom fields to be filled in by both end users via the app or admins via the web portal.

Customizable Local Emergency Number

Added option to customize local emergency number for any number of countries for an account.

Emergency Notification Email Include Group information

Emergency notification email for admins now contains group information for the user pressing the SOS-button.

Option to override data retention time period

Added configuration option to set the data retention time period on an account-level to override Safeture default setting.

Safeture Updates October 2020


The app now supports flagged locations of certified hotels around the world according to Safehotels certification levels.

Automatic removal of inactive end users

Added support to automatically notify and delete inactive users via email.

Use hotel and rental cars travel bookings as location data

The platform now supports using travel booking data from hotels and rental cars as location data input.

Safeture Updates September 2020

Messaging Enhancements

Enhancing the messaging module which previously only included travel booking profiles and app users. This feature enables any type of contact (email/phone number) to be added and communicated with via the system.

App emergency button redesign

To increase usability of the existing emergency button in the app, including new features like ability to cancel an emergency activation.

Admin restrictions to only have access to users in selected countries

To increase privacy and access control for country administrators.

In-app privacy options shortcut

Increase visibility and simplify access for privacy switches within the app.

Support for Mobile Device Management (MDM)

To simplify the app registration process by enabling organizations to pre-configure user data such as phone number and email address via internal app distribution systems.

Country border cross app notification to activate location tracking

Reminding app users that crosses a country border to disable privacy filters.

Option to enable pre-trip email scheduling

Increase email send-out frequency and remind users to prepare for trips.

Option to include country information as PDF in pre-trip emails

Adding more information about travel destination which will be available offline and without app access.


Some updates may not immediately be available for white labelled solutions.

Some updates may be priced options.

Some updates may require configuration of Safeture, your organization, or provider.