Get more information about how to use Safeture's Web portal and our App.

This guide contains the most asked questions and answers about our app. Learn about app installation, where to get the app and more.
The Safeture Platform fetches traveler data and booking information from each PNR and matches the travelers in the PNR to end-users in our system. Learn how to manually add travel bookings to the Safeture Platform.
Learn how to navigate in the app to find where the nearest medical, accommodation, and/or diplomatic providers are located.
If you are having issues with accessing the web portal, this is the guide for you. Read and follow the instructions to log in. It covers information on the login process, how to reset a password and two-factor verification codes.
Find out the Safeture definition of what a contact is, as well as how to add one or several contacts to an existing facilitiy o yours in the platform.
Administrators of the platform can initiate communication with users. This can be done via Chat or One-way-messages. Read the guide for instructions on how to communicate within the Safeture Platform.
This guide teaches you how to automate mandatory check-ins for your users. With scheduled check-ins you can determine when you would like your people to report their status. This guide informs you on the different settings that can be made
Learn more about the group concept and find out how to add groups to the Safeture Platform.
This guide explains the importance of sharing positioning information in relation to receiving alerts, and how to regulate the location settings for iOS users (iPhone).
This guide takes you step-by-step through how to regulate the location settings for Android users. It also explains why it is important to share positioning data.
Advanced Filtering is a way to target specific people/groups with shared parameters. This feature makes it easier to quickly initiate communicaiton with specific users.
This guide give directions on how to add trael booking data through email parsing. It explains both how to do email parsing for yourself, but also on the behalf of someone else.