Safeture Support

Register an account with single sign-on

This guide will help you to install the Safeture Application on your mobile device, accessible on both iOS and Android. Through some simple steps, this guide will also help you to register and sign into your organizations Safeture account.

The Safeture Application will provide you with real-time alerts based on your position, in depth country risk intelligence, quick access to assistance through the assistance page, various means of communication, and many more features. 

Download and Registration Instructions

  1. Go to your mobile device’s Application store and search for the Safeture Application

(If you are currently on a mobile device, click Here to automatically open your Device’s Application Store)

  1. Download the Safeture Application
  2. Open the Safeture Application
  3. Read and Accept the Terms of Service to proceed to the Welcome Page
  4. On the Welcome Page, press the button named “Enterprise” to access the Enterprise (SSO) login page
  5. Enter your organizations’ email in the email field and press submit
  6. You are now directed to your organization’s login provider, complete the login steps
  7. On the phone registration page, you have two options (Please use option the “Manually Register Phone” if located in China or Russia);
    • “Manually Register Phone”, press this button, enter your device’s mobile phone number, receive the verification code via SMS and enter it in the “Verification code” field, press verify
    • “Send Verification SMS”, press this button and send the verification SMS that pops up (This may result in charges of local SMS fees by your provider)
  8. You have now successfully signed in the Safeture Application, Welcome.

Contact Information for Support

If you have any questions or need support, please contact