Safeture Support

Disable battery optimization (if using android)

The Safeture Application has been optimized to provide good location tracking with minimal battery usage. Battery consumption per day is only a few percent when in the background with all features active.

Android has introduced settings that terminate background activity of apps which improves battery life and overall performance but hinders the Safeture Application to work at its best. Please follow the list below to make sure the Safeture Application is working within optimal conditions:

1. Go to Settings on your device

2. Open Apps

3. Search for “Safeture” in the list

4. Locate “Battery”

5. Select one of the three following options: 1) Unrestricted (recommended) 2) Optimized 3) Restricted

Together with the location settings mentioned above will ensure that the Safeture Application is running optimally and provides you with its full range of services.

Settings for iOS users

The Safeture Mobile runs in the background, using its features in a way optimized for longer battery life, which results in only using a few percent of your iOS device per day. There is no special setting for battery saving for iOS. Make sure that location service is always on as mentioned above and you are ready to travel with Safeture.