Safeture Support

Add facilities

1. Click on “Facilities” in the web portal menu

2. Choose your method of import

2a. Manual Import

If you wish to add facilities one-by-one (recommended when adding only a few facilities) click “Add Facility”. If you choose this path, please proceed to step 3a and continue with the a-path of this guide.

2b . Spreadsheet import

If you wish to import multiple facilities at the same time (recommended when adding many facilities) click “Import Facilities”. If you choose this path, please proceed to step 3b and continue with the b-path of this guide.

3a. Enter the address of the facility in the search bar

Search for the address in the search bar and click on the correct search option listed.

3b. Download and fill in the spreadsheet template

Download either as an Excel file or Google Sheets.

After downloading the template:

  1. Fill in the information for your facilities in the spreadsheet.
  2. Highlight and copy all rows and columns, including the field names, from the spreadsheet.

4a. Name the facility

Give the location a name that describes your facility. This is a mandatory step.

4b. Paste the information from the spreadsheet here

Paste all rows and columns including the field from the spreadsheet here.

5a. Check that the fields related to the address are correct

Confirm that this is the correct address of your facility (address, city, zip code, state, country).

If not, please change them now.

5b. Make any final edits and add the listed facilities.

Confirm and potentially correct any errors from the import and click “Add facilities”

6a. Add a phone number to the facility

If you have a general number to the facility, please enter. If no, leave blank.

7a. Add a facility description

If desired, you can type a description of the facility for other Administrators to see.

8a. Set an incident detection radius

What is an incident detection radius?

Decide how far away from the facility (in kilometers) the incident you will be notified about can be.

If an incident intersects with the incident detection radius, the system alerts the Administrators.

9a. Add facility tags

Add tags to better structure and target your facilities, using whatever distinguished you like. Example: “Office, Factory, England”, etc.

10a. Add facility to the system