Safeture Support

Add contacts

What is a contact?

A user who is connected to a facility is called a contact. A contact can be connected to one or more facilities and is not required to have the Safeture Mobile Application. Instead, their location is static because their documented location will be equal to the facility location that they are connected to.

1. Click on Users in the web portal menu

2. Choose your method of import

2a. Manual import

If you wish to add contacts one by one (recommended when adding only a few contacts) click “Add Contact”.

If you choose this method, please proceed to step 3a and continue with the a-path of this guide.

2b. Spreadsheet Import

If you wish to import multiple contacts at the same time (recommended when adding many contacts) click “Import from spreadsheet”.

If you choose this path, please proceed to step 3b and continue with the b-path of this guide.

3a. Fill in the information on the contact

Please fill in the fields on the image below.

What are home regions?

Home regions are used to define traveling and non-traveling users. When a user is located within a selected home regions, they will be labeled as “home”.

Click here to learn more about home regions.

3b. Download and fill in the spreadsheet template

Download the spreadsheet template either as an Excel file or Google Sheets.

After downloading the template:

  1. Fill in the information about your app users in the spreadsheet.
  2. Highlight all rows and columns.

4a. Fill in the address-related fields

4b. Paste the information from the spreadsheet here

Paste all rows and columns including the field from the spreadsheet here.

5a. Fill in the remaining contact information

What are tags?

Tags let you filter your people and target your communication to the right group in an instant. You can add multiple tags to the same contact.

5b. Make any final edits and add the listed contacts.

Confirm and potentially correct any errors from the import and click “Add contacts”