Hi. How can we help you?

To start your trial, you must have received a Subscription ID either from your point of contact at Safeture or from one of our medical a/o security assistant partners. Use your Subscription ID and email address which is your username to get started by following the 5 steps below. 

1. Use the Web Portal Forgot Password link to choose a password.

2. Log in to the Web Portal using your email and the password you chose.

3. Download the App by searching “Safeture” in your phone’s App Store/Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can open the link: https://g.safeture.com/app on your phone.

4. Select the Sign In option called “Email and Password” and use the same email and password as in the Web Portal.

5. Invite your colleagues and employees to download the app. You may consult instructions on the  support website.