Get Started with Global 24

Set-up guides for end-users at University of New South Wales

Global 24 is the University’s travel assistance and advisory provider. We provide staff and students with 24/7 coverage for University sponsored travel. This includes medical, general advice, security assistance and alerts. We do this via an app and direct access to our operations centre through the pre-programmed numbers in the app or by you emailing 

If you use this email, please provide a contact number for a callback. Also note that if you change your sim card whilst you are traveling, the app will automatically prompt you to confirm the new number. 

If you have a concern about any of this information, please email Julian is in the risk team and can confirm the information is legitimate and part of the University’s duty of care program for University-sponsored travel.

Access to you app

You should have received an email that looks like the one below. Can you also check your junk email for an email from If you have not received it, please let us know as soon as possible.

Click on the Please validate your email and set a password here.  Use your zID email address and you will be prompted to create and confirm a password. You will now have access to the desktop portal.  See below for more details.

Then upload the Safeture App from the App store. The install the app here link in the email takes you to the app store link for Android and Apple.

Go to the app, open it, and log in using your email and password. You will also be asked to upload your mobile phone number. You should then receive a code. Insert that code.

Note this app has geo tacking accurate to 10mts. You can change this by clicking on privacy, location accuracy and selecting exact, city or region/state. The degree of accuracy dictates the alerts that you receive.

You set up alerts for the countries you are visiting by going to settings (click on the three dots (see screen shot below)), click settings, then edit regions of interest and you will get a list of countries click on the heart symbol for your countries of interest. You can confirm your list of favourites by scrolling back to the top. Once your account is activated you will automatically receive alerts for the country you are in and those you have set up alerts for.

Immediate alerts will be on the home page. You can review all your current alerts by hitting the exclamation mark on the home page.

Access desktop home page

You also have access to a desktop home page. Go to: Home – Safeture

Click log-in. Next, you should get a screen like this.

Use your email and log-in password.

You will get a home page that looks like this:

If you click on alerts (see above) you can select what alerts you want visibility of over what timeframe. If you click on the alerts (top right-hand corner) you get the latest global alerts. You can also search these alerts.

Under country information you select the country of interest from the drop-down menu.

Each of the banner headings links you to that area. Under Risks there are 10 categories with a summary of the risk exposure when you click on the drop-down arrow.

There are five levels of colour coded risks:

  • Negligible (green),
  • Low (lime),
  • Medium (yellow),
  • High (orange), and
  • Critical (critical).

The medical section provides an outline of common conditions/diseases as well as a list of common medicines by their active ingredient name and what they are used to treat.


The e-learning package is self-explanatory. When the module is completed, it is automatically uploaded to the app on your phone and the guidance can be accessed even if you don’t have coverage.


At any time if you need assistance go to the red button and hit on SOS (this alerts us to your exact position and phones the 24/7 operations centre). If you have a routine query, you hit the call provider button and it will dial through to the operations centre and an emergency alert won’t be activated.


You can also do routine check ins by clicking on the ‘Check-In” icon. When this is clicked, Global 24 and the University’s Travel Risk Team are alerted to your current location and if required can use the chat function (see three dots) to communicate with you. Please use this function when they are traveling in high-risk environment and moving between locations.

Now you are ready

Once you have the app set-up it is easy to use and the push through of alerts is very prompt. The geo tracking is linked to alerts e.g. if you are in area where an earthquake has occurred Global 24 and you are alerted. On the alert you are prompted to you indicate that you are OK. If we don’t get a response, then Global 24 will do an active outreach from the platform or call/text you to confirm that you are OK.

Global 24 Assistance App Overview

Frequently asked questions

Go through the frequently asked questions about the mobile app to learn more. 

Get Started with the mobile application

Learn more about the Safeture Mobile Application

Information Sheet Mobile Application

Click on the PDF below to learn more about the Safeture mobile app and what you can do with it.

Please note that services and features may vary depending on the agreement.

Video Mobile Application

Watch the video below to get an overview of the Safeture mobile app. 

Please note that services and features may vary depending on the agreement

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