When using the app

Travel Booking

My travel booking does not show up in the app, why? 

Make sure your TMC, Travel Management Company, enters the same email address and phone number you have registered in the app, or the Safeture system will not be able to connect the booking to your user. 

App Installation

Which phones does the app support?

To function correctly, the app must use one of the following operating systems:

  • iPhone iOS version 9 or above
  • Android version 4.4.4 or above

In which stores is the app available?

The app is published worldwide in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

iTunes App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/safeture-pro-business/id510951188

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.globalwarningsystem.safeture.gws

In addition, the Android app is published in several Chinese app stores.

In which countries is the app available?

The app is available worldwide, with the following exceptions:

  • Android: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.
  • iOS: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.
If I do not have a phone, can I still use the Safeture Pro functionalities?

Yes, you can access Country and Medical information via the Web Portal located at https://iso.safeture.com

How can I install the Safeture app?

You can download the app directly from your app store/app provider. To activate it you need a Subscription ID from your organization, or your standard organization credentials if your organization has integrated single sign-on with the Safeture platform. Open the following link on your phone and you will be directed to a page where you can download the app: https://g.safeture.com/app

Please make sure that you have enough space on your smartphone and that you are downloading the correct app by searching for “Safeture” in your App Store or Google Play Store:

How do I uninstall the Safeture app?

Simply delete the app from your phone. If you wish to remove your account and personal information, either contact your company’s HR/Risk Management department or send an email to Safeture Support at support@safeture.com.

How do I update my phone number to keep receiving SMS without reinstalling the app?

A switch of SIM card is automatically detected by the app. The app will present a notification asking you to re-register the phone number.

This can be done by opening the app and going to Profile à “Account-tab” à Under “User/Device Phone” select edit à Select desired registration method and complete the steps.

The phone number should always be kept up to date to make sure communication channels are functional.

What happens if I lose my phone or if my phone is stolen?

If your phone is lost, please contact your HR/Risk management department or Safeture Support at support@safeture.com. They will be able to remotely deactivate your app. Once you get a new device you can simply download the app and log in using your credentials.

Battery and network/internet usage

Does the app consume a lot of battery?

No. Although use and battery consumption can vary between individual devices, the app and the system has been optimized to keep good battery life, while at the same time offering good location tracking. Typically, the app only consumes a few percents of battery per day, when in background mode. This is much less than most other popular applications such as Facebook etc.

How much data traffic does the app use?

The app consumes approximately 1 MB of data per month, for alerts/push notifications.

Does the app need Internet access (roaming data or wifi) to work?

Yes. However, the app keeps all previously viewed information locally on your phone and it will be available while offline. Some communication can still occur via SMS. You will of course still be able to receive SMS from the Safeture platform.

If I am offline or in airplane mode, what information and functionalities will I have access to?

The app keeps all previously viewed information locally on your phone and it will be available while offline. Alerts and push messages will however not be available.

Location Features

How does the location/tracking work?

The Safeture uses Global Positioning System (GPS), WiFi information, travel bookings, mobile network routing information, and cellular base station information to determine the app’s location. The location is continuously uploaded to Safeture’s servers, depending on internet access and location service settings on your device. The location is used to determine which alerts to send to your device. It can also be used, if enabled by your employer, to allow your employer to locate you in case of emergencies. In order for the app to locate the user, the app works best when it can run freely in the background.
On iOS, this means that you should not “swipe-kill” the app since this will lead to more irregular location reports. Push notifications will however still work.
On Android, some models and apps shut down apps that run in the background or have not been opened for a few days, via so-called battery optimizers. Users should try to override these optimizations, since they would lead to locations not being reported, and push notifications will not be shown at all.

What does the “Service”-switch do?

While having Service enabled, your app will send locations to Safeture’s servers and you will also be eligible for alert notifications. If Service is disabled you will be invisible to the system and the system will not send or receive any information, unless the location data comes from a different source such as travel booking information.

Who can see my location, and can my employer see my location?

If your employer wants, your Risk Manager/HR department can see your latest position (updated around once/hour). It is not possible to see your location history and travel patterns. You can limit your positioning from exact positioning to country-level positioning through the “Privacy”-settings in the app.

Can I show my location on a country-level instead of my exact position?

Yes, go to Profile à Privacy tab à disable “Exact Positioning”. This will send all future location reports on a country-level instead of sending your exact location. You will only receive alerts based on the country you are currently in.

What will happen during non-working hours?

You can switch off the app whenever you are not on a business trip by disabling Service. If you keep it on and travel privately, your location will be shown to your employer and if something happens in that area, your employer can locate and get in touch with you to know if you are safe. You can also limit the service to only display the Country-level location.

How do I turn off location tracking?

Go to Profile à Privacy tab à Disable “Service”
Note that the above action will disable receiving Alerts as well.

How frequently is my location updated?

When the app is kept in the background, your location will be updated around once every hour. This will keep battery consumption at a relatively low level, but still, keep the app updated to make sure you receive relevant Alerts close to your location. The location will be updated more frequently if you are traveling or if you are using the app actively.
Note that to save battery, today’s mobile operating systems try their best to make sure apps do not run too much in the background. This might lead to irregularities in the location reporting, which is why we constantly adapt our services to avert these issues. Once you start moving or traveling, the app will normally send more frequent location reports again, compared to when the user stays around the same location.

How accurate is location reporting?

The accuracy of location reporting mainly depends on whether the app can get proper satellite coverage. Problems might occur, either when being indoors or close to tall buildings. There are other factors that influence accuracy as each device’s GPS accuracy may differ.
Other apps might have better accuracy (down to a few meters) by enabling a constant GPS flow. However, these apps will drain your phone’s battery fairly quickly. Normally, Safeture gets an accuracy of around 100m to keep the battery consumption at a low level, and in order to ensure a good balance between accuracy and battery consumption.

How is location accuracy impacted by Wi-Fi connection?

While the phone is open for Wi-Fi networks, the location might be determined from a global database of Wi-Fi locations. These locations might not be accurate at all times, due to Wi-Fi access points being physically relocated, which may render the location obsolete. However, allowing Wi-Fi connections usually improve location data.

If I am offline or have airplane mode enabled, is my location still reported/shown?

Your latest location sent to the servers will be shown, but no updates will be sent until the app goes online again.

If I am inside of a building, will my location be accurate?

The location accuracy will be most accurate when the phone has a clear view of the sky. While being indoors might not be perfect, the phone should in most cases get valid location information from a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Does GPS location drain my battery?

No, when the app is kept in the background it will only consume a minimal amount of battery.

What is “Smart throttling of the GPS”?

Smart throttling dynamically adjusts the polling rate of an app user’s location by detecting whether the phone is stationary or in transit. If the phone is stationary, it does not update the location as frequently as when the phone is in transit, where frequent location updates are more eligible. Moreover, each time you open the app it will do a single shot, highly accurate, location request.

Can you map an app user’s journey?

Risk Managers can only see an app user’s most recent report location, in the Web Portal. It is not possible to access an archive or log of employees’ movements in the system due to privacy and data protection reasons. If a user is in extremis and the client needs to see an employee’s full journey or movements over a period of time, a request can be made and Safeture will evaluate this on a case-by-case basis to evaluate whether the request is justified.

Can I temporarily turn off my exact position?

Yes. This is done by disabling Exact positioning in the Privacy tab under Profile in the app. This will make all future location reports only send country-level location. To reactivate it, simply enable the switch again.

Content and Information

How does Safeture collect information?

Safeture gathers information from 196 countries and thousands of sources around the clock. This is mainly done through Safeture’s information mining system that handles and filters thousands of sources in real-time.
The information is reviewed and evaluated 24/7/365 by analysts and experts after which the relevant information is distributed to the users. We continuously rate the sources on credibility and relevance, and our experts make the final assessment based on an advanced algorithm that helps us to sift and evaluate.

Do you also consider information in other languages than English?

Safeture work and monitor information in several different languages. Furthermore, Safeture has language expertise tied to the analytical team covering the world’s largest languages and more, e.g. Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, and Korean.

What sources do you collect data from?

Safeture’s sources are spread over a large number of areas:
News (International and Regional)
Seismological institutes
Meteorological agencies
Departments of Foreign Affairs
Other Government Agencies
Social Networks and forums (Crowdsourcing)
Aid organizations and other NGO’s
Meta-data aggregation
Health and Disease Surveyors
Safeture Incident and Event Database (all events and incidents that Safeture process are tagged and labeled)
Strategic Partners
Social Media

How do you guarantee that the information is correct?

Safeture has a number of security experts who validate all the information and use alternative sources for cross-validation of the main source. Furthermore, Safeture continuously rates the sources with regards to credibility and relevance, and experts make the final assessment based on an advanced algorithm that helps Safeture to sift and evaluate.
In addition, Safeture works closely with private security providers across the globe and have access to on-the-ground information from these partners for conducting the analysis and reporting.

How often is country information updated?

Country profile information is constantly updated and reviewed. In general:
Important information such as the “Threat Assessment” section is updated within days of a significant change.
Less critical information, such as “Cultural Do’s and Don’ts” and “Geography“, is generally reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis.
Alerts, warnings, and advisories are always published as near real-time as possible.

For medical information, what specific sources do you use?

To obtain valid medical information, Safeture uses sources such as:
International medical institutes and organizations
Region-specific or local organizations
In some medical sections, there are clear references to specific sources such as the WHO or CDC.

Incidents/Alerts Features

What type of incidents are reported?

Safeture report incidents based on 10 different general threat categories:
International Relations
Insurgency, Guerilla and Civil Warfare (IGCW)
Civil Unrest
Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion, and Piracy
Environment and Health
Political Risk
Business Risk
Regardless of the above categories, if a certain incident can significantly affect a traveler’s security or health, Safeture will look into adding this information or add new categories.

How quickly do you guarantee that the information will arrive?

The speed depends on each individual case as it is dependent upon:
The nature of the message
The reliability of the source
Safeture delivers rapid local information on natural disasters, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, epidemic outbreaks, traffic incidents, and other threats faced by international travelers. Safeture is dependent on mobile infrastructure, but always use dual channel (push notifications and SMS) for important messages when a user is traveling abroad.
The principle that Safeture operates by is that if it is critical information, an initial message should be published and sent to clients in the affected region within 5-15 minutes from when a source initially reported on the particular incident.
Safeture is able to do this due to the integrated information mining system, message publication system, and its highly automated process. Sometimes robot publication is used where the time between source input to message (SMS, push notification) publication and send-out is required to be short and where the source is highly credible, such as automated tsunami warnings.

Can you explain how the data mining system works?

Our proprietary built system is an advanced solution that continually scans thousands of sources for information. An adaptive AI will filter out most of the noise immediately and only forward relevant information. When it detects an event taking place, it collects associated information, creates an information package, and through our platform flags this to Safeture’s team of analysts working 24/7/365. The analysts then receive information on how to prioritize event publication, and to professionally gauge how reliable the event being reported is.

How much data is sent per day?

The app uses approximately 1 Mbyte/month (30kbyte/day) of data in background mode. The sent data depends on many factors including how much the App user moves, what app platform is used, the number of issued alerts, etc.
Note that this figure is measured without network overhead (like HTTP headers).

How often are alerts reviewed/updated?

It depends on the nature of the alert. If a significant change occurs to the situation then the team will publish an update. Significant change can be everything from a new area affected since the last update or increase in damage. Sometimes there may be as many as 10 separate updates/messages for one incident.

If I am offline or in airplane mode, do I have access to content such as alerts?

When your app is offline it will still have access to the latest alerts, up until the point when it went offline. Once it goes back online you will quickly receive all missed updates.

How do I receive alerts and warnings?

All alerts are sent as push notifications to the app directly on your smartphone, provided that you enabled location service and notifications in your phone settings. When you are traveling abroad you will receive all high-risk alerts via SMS in addition to the push notification, to ensure you are informed even when you might not be connected to the internet.

Why am I not receiving alerts?

To receive any kind of alerts you must:
Enable Service in your app by going to Profile à Privacy
Enable Location Services on your device (Phone settings) and all location and notification permissions for the app, by going to your Phone settings à Notifications

What do Red, Yellow, and Green ratings mean on the incident alerts?

Red alerts indicate an immediate or serious threat to your security or health.
Yellow alerts are used for events/threats that arose recently or will occur in the next few days.
Green alerts represent “useful to know” information such as transport disruption, small protests, or updates to earlier incidents/warnings.

How will an app user receive an SMS alert if there is no network signal?

The system will continue trying to send the SMS to the app user’s phone for at least several hours and sometimes days. The system will flag for the Risk Manager that the phone has not been reached.

What if I want to know more about an incident alert?

To learn more about a specific alert, please send a request to support@safeture.com.

Can app users reply to SMS alerts?

No, app users should not reply to any SMS issued by the system. However, they can reply to SMS sent by Risk Managers from the web portal by clicking on the link in the SMS. Sometimes the user can reply, but it should not be used because the reply is not guaranteed to reach the Risk Manager.

What should I do if my company is sending me a message through the app?

Simply respond according to the instructions or details in the specific message.

Other Features

Is the app available in other languages?

The app has an automatic translation feature which currently allows the user to read the information in about 40 different languages. We continuously evaluate when there is a need for additional languages.

Menus and pop-ups etc. are natively translated into French, Spanish, German, and other languages on request.

What is a push welcome message?

Once a user crosses a border to another country, the system will generate a welcome message and send it either as a SMS or as a push notification. Clicking the notification will present the user with relevant country information.

How do you guarantee that SMS messages get through to the user?

Safeture has researched and implemented an advanced SMS routing engine for the benefit of its subscribers. The implementation of this solution is proprietary, but the system works in such a way that when a Red Alert is sent to a user (always by SMS when the user is traveling abroad), it uses multiple routes that are dynamically adapted to the current status of the global mobile operators’ interconnections to maximize the chance of the user receiving the SMS.