Safeture Support

App Installation

Which phones does the app support?

To function correctly, the app must use one of the following operating systems:

  • iPhone iOS version 9 or above
  • Android version 4.4.4 or above

In which stores is the app available?

The app is published worldwide in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

iTunes App Store:

Google Play Store:

In addition, the Android app is published in several Chinese app stores.

In which countries is the app available?

The app is available worldwide, with the following exceptions:

  • Android: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.
  • iOS: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.
If I do not have a phone, can I still use the Safeture Pro functionalities?

Yes, you can access Country and Medical information via the Web Portal located at

How can I install the Safeture app?

You can download the app directly from your app store/app provider. To activate it you need a Subscription ID from your organization, or your standard organization credentials if your organization has integrated single sign-on with the Safeture platform. Open the following link on your phone and you will be directed to a page where you can download the app:

Please make sure that you have enough space on your smartphone and that you are downloading the correct app by searching for “Safeture” in your App Store or Google Play Store:

How do I uninstall the Safeture app?

Simply delete the app from your phone. If you wish to remove your account and personal information, either contact your company’s HR/Risk Management department or send an email to Safeture Support at

How do I update my phone number to keep receiving SMS without reinstalling the app?

A switch of SIM card is automatically detected by the app. The app will present a notification asking you to re-register the phone number.

This can be done by opening the app and going to Profile à “Account-tab” à Under “User/Device Phone” select edit à Select desired registration method and complete the steps.

The phone number should always be kept up to date to make sure communication channels are functional.

What happens if I lose my phone or if my phone is stolen?

If your phone is lost, please contact your HR/Risk management department or Safeture Support at They will be able to remotely deactivate your app. Once you get a new device you can simply download the app and log in using your credentials.