Safeture Support


How can I access the web portal? 

The Web Portal should be accessed at, which is the same URL as the one provided to end-users. The system will detect your permissions and show the information you should access as an administrator vs. end-user accordingly. 

What should I do if the website is not working? 

If you experience issues in log-in or registration, please contact support at: 

I did not receive my two-factor authentication code that is required to enter the web portal: 

We are sorry to hear that you did not receive your authentication code when logging onto the Safeture web portal. Please follow the procedure below to receive a new code:   

  1. Open the web portal and log in. 
  2. Open the app and go to 2-factor authenticator available under the three dots menu. 
  3. Enter the displayed code into the web portal and proceed. 

I can enter the web portal but I do not have the permissions that I need, what should I do? 

Please contact your HR/Risk Department to upgrade your user with additional permissions.  Alternatively, contact Safeture by sending an email to  

Why is my end-user’s location not showing on the web portal? 

A user’s location not showing up on the map may be due to a number of factors: 

  • The user does not have Location Services enabled on the device. 
  • The user has not allowed the app to use Location Services at all times. Click here to see a guide on how to activate it.
  • The user does not have Service enabled in the app. Click here to see a guide on how to activate the location service and edit privacy settings.
  • The user recently registered, and the device has not yet sent a location report. 
  • The app could not retrieve a valid location coordinate from the device.   
  • The user has disabled or blocked the app to run in the background. 
  • The user is offline or has problems with Internet access. 

How does Safeture use end-users’ locations to contact them? 

If the user has given explicit consent in providing location data (exact, city, or country level), Safeture will use this data to provide the following features: 

  • Alerts: Sent via push notification or SMS, based on location to filter out irrelevant alerts.
  • Assistance: In the app provide the country-specific emergency numbers and the approximate location.

Does the system keep track of sent alerts etc.? 

Safeture has implemented a complete log function within the web portal, which allows the administrator to track and provide evidence of communication if needed. The Log function tracks (per user): system-generated alerts, SMS sent, and received/read status with individual timestamps. The SMS Received and Read status is unique to Safeture’s system and patented solution. This allows administrators to verify that an end-user has received and interacted with the SMS alert.  

What is the “Personnel in Incident Region” email? 

Administrators are notified by email if an app user is in an area of a published Red Alert. Any user without an exact location report is also included in this email if the user can be positioned in the same country as the alert. This email is an opt-out subscription that can be set per user. 

Can I contact my people via the web portal? 

Yes, this is possible in two different ways: as a one-way message via email (and SMS if selected) or via chat.

How can I contact my end users? 

  • This can be done straight from the Dashboard or Partner Dashboard through the message buttons. From the dashboards, you can message all users impacted by the information presented in the different widgets – for example: impacted by an alert.
  • You can also go to the Security Overview and from the map target people and facilities on the map via the Quick Selector. See the guide here.
  • Ultimately, you can also message users via the Communication Module. Click here to see a guide of how.

How do I know if a user received the SMS sent from an administrator via the web portal? 

Via the Log functionality under the Security Overview section in the Safeture Web Portal. 

What are the costs of sending SMS from the web portal? 

The SMS costs are dependent on the subscription agreement. A standard subscription agreement includes an annual pool of SMS that can be used without any extra costs. If the included SMS pool is exceeded or if there is a special agreement regarding SMS then Safeture will invoice extra for SMS: es at the price specified by the subscription agreement.  

Nevertheless, the use of the “Send SMS” function available via the portal should be strictly limited to emergency situations related to users’ safety. Please contact sales for further information on prices at  

Is there a risk that employees feel supervised by their employers? 

The app gives the user the ability to activate privacy protection that involves concealing their exact position or only indicating which country they are in. There are also other privacy filters that may be applied on an account- or group level on the web portal. This means that you can have admins that only can access specific groups of end-users. 

Can Safeture monitor customers? 

Safeture is not a surveillance company. Safeture’s primary purpose of the positioning system is to deliver specific, accurate, and necessary safety information tailored to the region/location you are traveling to or are based in. The secondary purpose is that the positioning system can be used in case of an incident or emergency to locate an employee’s last known whereabouts. The purpose of processing the location information is also clearly stated in the legal document Privacy Policy & Terms of Use that each user agrees to. 

Can I add or invite new users to the app and/or web portal through the web portal? 

Yes. In the Users module, you can: 

  • “Invite Users”: To invite new users one by one 
  • “Import Users from spreadsheet”: To invite new users in a batch/bulk upload via spreadsheet. 

Both options will send an email to the new user(s), asking them to set their password. Once completed, they have access to the app and the end-user version of the web portal. 

How can I edit users’ information via the web portal? 

Users can be edited via the Users module, by clicking “manage”. Here you can search and filter all users in the system. By clicking on a user, you can edit personal information, upgrade permissions, or set email preferences. 

Note: You cannot update the phone number for a user who has the app installed. This must be done via the app itself to ensure the phone number has been validated properly. 

In the Users Module, what is the difference between Add User and Invite User? 

Add User is only intended for new Admins. Invite users to include email validation steps and lets the users set a new password themselves. 

Can I use a Single Sign-On solution with the Safeture platform? 

Yes, the Safeture platform supports single sign-on that allows you to use external identity platforms that are already used within your organization and thereby remove all administration of managing users. Please contact to enable the feature and start integration (Some configuration will have to be done in your own Identity Provider service, such as ADFS, AzureAD, Google G-Suite, etc) 

Can I invite users in any other way? 

Yes, simply send an email to all users, asking them to install the app, and include the Subscription ID to be used. This way the users can download the app and register manually. 

Can you explain the group concept? 

Groups let you put users in a hierarchy and let designated admins have access to certain groups only. 

Under Groups, what does it mean to “Set default” for a group. 

By default, all end-users will be set as members of a group with the same name as the policy number used in registration. However, if that group is removed, there is an option to create other groups, and all new end-users will be members of the “default” group. 

Under groups, what happens if I edit a group? 

This will only edit the name of the group. Note that if you change the name of the group with the same name as your policy, users will no longer show up in this group by default when registering. 

Under groups, what happens if I delete a group? 

All members of the deleted group will be without group, meaning that only top-level administators have access to their information.     

Under groups, how can I add a group? 

Go to the Users module, groups and click on add group. There you can enter group name. The new group will then be available as an option when editing users.