Establish the highest location accuracy

This guide is written for App users.

Last updated: March 12, 2024

Best practice

Below you will find 6 tips on how to ensure that you have the highest location accuracy possible in your phone. By following these tips, you will immediately receive more relevant information tailored to your location, and thus faster help if needed.

Allow the Safeture mobile application to share location data

In your device’s location settings, you should always allow the Safeture app to use location and share location data. Click here to read about location permission settings in for iOS users. Click here to read about location permission settings in for Android users.

Note! With our privacy filtering you can change location accuracy yourself in the app. Click here to see how.

If you are using WIFI, turn it off if possible

Being connected to WIFI increases the likelihood that your position reporting will be inaccurate, compared to your “true” location. In practice, the position of your internet base station or router, i.e. probably set by your internet provider, will be used as your actual position.

If you are using a VPN, turn it off if possible

Similar to WIFI, being connected to VPN significantly increases the likelihood that your position reporting will be inaccurate, compared to your “true” location. Depending on the VPN setup, it may report your position in a different state or country for privacy purposes. If so, using VPN can make your device believe that you are at a different location than your real location, and thereby also report a “false” location via the Safeture App.

Use mobile networks as your internet source

This is the best option for getting an accurate position. In this case, with a strong cellular network connection, your position can be determined by triangulation and GPS (trilateration), theoretically depicted in the graphic.

Hence, being in a basement usually degrades the accuracy, while outdoors usually increasing position accuracy significantly.

Turn on your Bluetooth

Turning on your bluetooth improves location accuracy as Apple location service utilizes it in reporting positions.

Disable battery optimization settings (if using android)

The Safeture Application has been optimized to provide good location tracking with minimal battery usage. Battery consumption per day is only a few percent when in the background with all features active. Click here to see a guide on how to do it (Android).