Get more information about how to use Safeture's Web portal and our App.

This guide describes how to manage and edit already uploaded Policies in the Policies Module.
This guide explains how to get started with your trial. The information included is relevant for both administrators of the Web Portal, as well as app users.
This guide contains the most asked questions and answers about our app. Learn about app installation, where to get the app and more.
If you are having issues with accessing the web portal, this is the guide for you. Read and follow the instructions to log in. It covers information on the login process, how to reset a password and two-factor verification codes.
Detailed information on Safeture's APIs, as well as our SDK guide.
With the Safeture Mobile Application you can send in an "I'm OK" response to an alert. This guide gives instruction on how to submit your response.
One of the main features of the Safeture app is the Emergency button. This guide teaches you how to notify the right people about an ongoing emergency.
One way to send your latest location to the platform is to use the manual check-in feature. Follow the instructions on how to use the manual check-in option.
This guide explains how to receive alerts from countries other than where you are currently located.
Set your own privacy level in the Safeture's app. With the Privacy Filtering feature, you can change location accuracy according to your personal preferences.