Add travel bookings manually

This guide is written for Administrators.

Last updated: March 12, 2024

What is a PNR?

A Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a booking reference that holds information about a passenger, such as name and contact information of the passenger, travel dates, itineraries, seats, etcetera. The Safeture Platform fetches traveler data and booking information from each PNR and matches the travelers in the PNR to users in our system. If the traveler data cannot be matched to an existing user, a new traveler profile will be created.

Click on 'Travel Data' in the web portal menu

Click on “Travel Data” in the web portal menu to navigate to the page where you will add your travel booking/-s.


Click on “Add PNR”. 

Enter travel information

  • Type in the booking reference number that you find in your confirmation email.
  • Specify if the booking is for a flight, hotel, or car rental.
  • For flights, you fill in each one-way flights separately, meaning that the two dates reflect the departure and arrival time and date for the same flight. I.e. you will have to add your return flight booking separately.
  • For flights, add a code for your route. The route number is found on your booking (example “SK525” for the route from Arlanda, Stockholm to Heathrow, London).
  • Add the supplier code and supplier name. Search for the airline of your booking and click on the correct alternative in the search results.

Optional: add additional routes

If you wish to add another flight, hotel or car booking, repeat the process and click add. Ensure that the information you entered is correct and click the green next button.

Add Traveler/-s

If the person you wish to connect the booking to is already a user in the Safeture Platform, search for him/her in the search bar and click on the correct alternative in the search list. If not, click the green button “Create new traveler” and fill in the information required about the person.

Note: you can add multiple travelers to the same booking.

Review data and save

After checking that the information is correct in the travel booking summary, please click save.