Add contacts to an existing facility

This guide is written for Administrators.

Last updated: March 12, 2024

What is a contact?

A user who is connected to a facility is called a contact. A contact can be connected to one or more facilities and is not required to have the Safeture Mobile Application. Instead, their location is static because their documented location will be equal to the facility location that they are connected to, and they are displayed under the contacts tab for each facility. 

Contacts can be bulk imported to the system via a spreadsheet, added individually, or integrated via HR database integrations. Contact our Client Development team for further assistance in integrating contacts from your HR database.

Click on 'Facilities' in the web portal menu

Select facility

Search for and click on the correct facility in the list to which you wish to add contacts.

Click onthe contacts tab

Choose your method of import

There are two different ways to import facility contacts. Select the option that is most suitable for your situation, and follow its instructions.

Method 1: Manual import

If you wish to add facility contacts one-by-one, please follow these instructions.

Recommended when adding only a few contacts.

Method 2: Spreadsheet import

If you wish to import multiple facility contacts simultaneously, please follow these instructions.

Recommended when adding many contacts.

Method 1: Manual import

Add contacts

To add facility contacts one-by-one, click “Add Contact”.

Enter contact information

If the contacts you wish to connect to the facility already exists in the system, you can search for her/him in the search bar and click the correct option listed.

If not, please fill in his/her first name, surname, email address and phone number.

If the contact is a part of the management team at the facility, tick the management box. When doing so, you can specifically target only the members of the management team for selected facilities with your message.

Finish by clicking “Add Contact”.

Method 2: Spreadsheet import

Import Contacts From Spreadsheet

To import multiple facility contacts at the same time, click “Import Contacts from spreadsheet”.

Download and fill in the spreadsheet template

Download either as an Excel file or Google Sheets.

After downloading the template:

  1. Fill in the information for your facilities in the spreadsheet.
  2. Highlight and copy all rows and columns, including the field names, from the spreadsheet.

Paste spreadsheet information

Paste all rows and columns including the field from the spreadsheet here.

Final edits & add listed facility contacts

Confirm and potentially correct any errors from the import and click “Add contacts”.